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Call center services

Finding the right call center solution for your business needs is useful to building successful, long term partnerships. That is why Homecall offers a wide range of customizable call center services to our clients. If you rise the quality of inbound call call center services, increase your business income, give good leads for sales representative, increase the number of the sales contact, and reduce the fix costs of your companies the Homecall find out and realize the perfect solutions for you. Nearly 15 years of call center experience ensures that we are able to solve with the most challenging tasks which is outsourcing call center services, order processing by phone, helpdesk, service to sales, outbound call center sales process with audio contact, appointment setting, market research by phone and claim management by phone.

Insurance services for the population

The main goal is that our customers always have “value of money” insurance policies. That is why Homecall is always monitoring the products of Insurance companies and if we find better solutions for you than the present product we will offer the new solution. Our customers get the best services. We offer that Insurance companies who meets Solvency II regulations, and claim payment process is customer friendly. From the wide range of insurance product we are focusing the pension funds policy our promotions which is singed by phone call or online. We offer further products which can also be signed by phone household, accidental death, MTPL and motor hull insurance policies.

Insurance services for companies

Our goal is to both small and medium-sized businesses and large companies to ensure optimization of insurance policies. We make customized solutions for companies demand. Insurance companies develop products for the special segments, we make a support during the claim process, where we see the customer’s point of view. We are able to insured the art of Hungarian state by special product. We brokerage property, liability, building assembly, condominium insurance policies with offered insurance companies. The further goal is that we give a complex solution for partners so we are able to loans with all Hungarian banks and we can monitoring EU tenders and help for writing tenders.

Our vision

Our goal is to highlight those relationships that reinforce each other.

Know how transfer

In order to become authentic, we have to make own services like selling insurance policies. Call center services are in practice we can show concrete results we publish them, not the other client jealously guarded secret to share!

Our customers say about us

„Pension funds information was so thorough comprehensive that is why I offer our relations too.”
My pension funds owner customer.

“I like to work with you because you are honestly tell the truth.”
Customer of call center services

„Homecall solve all things which is need, I do not have to make the administrations.”
Condominium common representative

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We offer insurance policies like MTPL, motor hull, household and pension funds. Sign your insurance policy with promotion


Consulting Plus

Consulting plus is an independent line of business which is focusing the small and medium enterprises, the bigger companies and the state. We can offer as an independent broker the further products of insurance are the property, liability, building assembly, condominium. We can manage loans and EU tenders to solve the financial needs of our customers.