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Insurance services for companies

Typical areas:

• Condominium insurance and finance

• Property insurance

• Liability insurance

Condominium insurance and finance

What is our services?

We are three services at once in order to fully serve the needs of the condominium.

• Insurance.

• Loan.

• Coordinate EU tenders.


• We optimize your block of flats insurance fee, offer more insurance representative for the common examine and recommend the best solution for the residential meeting.

• Before sign the policy we are assessing the property for free to exclude the under-insured attaches

• In case of uncertain events we can help to put claim process and report the damage to us by phone. If you are uncertain whether damage occurred or not call customer service line, which is 06 46 999 589. Weekdays between 8 and 18 hours, our expert operators are waiting for your call.

• During the claim management we are monitoring the running damage claims settlement and we can help in the bargaining position for the common representative. Our engineers can help for claim management.

• We can help in preparing claim events for the common representative in the past year to present annual meeting, we get competitive offers from the insurance companies written decision support material to the representative.

Promotion for common representative till 31 of December 2015!

• We give for the common representative a Samsung Galaxy Tablet T113 Type 3 Light if sign in a minimum of three new condominium insurance policies with Homecall call Plus and the annual premium minimum 800 thousand HUF.

• We give for the common representative a Samsung Galaxy Tablet T113 Type 3 Light if sign in a minimum of three condominium insurance policies with Homecall call Plus and the annual fee worth minimum 1 million HUF. It may be also devising and revision t

• We give for common representative two Samsung Galaxy Tablet or a new Samsung tablet was S8, where at least six condominium insurance policy sign in our company 2 million HUF of annual premium. It may also devising and revision.


We can give loan for condominium through our partner company. Low-interest loans worth building societies combined fund, which could provide a solution

• facade renovation,

• Insulation,

• roof renovation,

• or in the case of other investments.

We can show you all of the bank's loan product in Hungary and we can choose the right one with partners. The advantage of credit to pre-finance the investment, there is no risk of the builder

Manage EU tenders

Our company have strategic partner of tender writing company that will not only help to write the application, but during the winning tender will perform the overall administration and ensures that the entire tender amount drawn down into subsequent funding .

Property insurance

For small and medium enterprises

For companies developed the product to the insurance companies, who:

• total assets of insurance amount

o maximum 600 million HUF,

o the annual gross revenues of approx.2 billion EUR,

o cash 5 million HUF.

Basic insurance events Additional insurance events Extra insurance events
fire, thermal equipment resulting in fire damage Land transport (camion also)
explosion and implosion, electric short-circuit electric heat of machines, Smoke, soot, heat affect
water damage resulting from the bursting of pipes in buildings, water, technological pipelines rupture decontamination (pollution clearance)
tilt foreign objects, vandalism minor repairs, renovations
Workers clothing and other household objects in damage plumbing and firefighting equipment fracture secondary effect of lightning
thunderbolt, aircraft and ground vehicles caused unknown damage Business Interruption Insurance
storm, flood, burglary and robbery insurance Cargo insurance
inland and rainstorm Glass insurance Liability insurance
earth moving,    
hail and snow pressure    

Large corporations and state institutions

Artifact protection

Our company has experienced decades of expert partners in the field of art protection. The vulnerability of the artifacts is especially true because of resistance value, so important to find the right insurance protection.

Kinek kínáljuk?

- Private Collectors

- Legacy Manager relatives / heirs for

- Art galleries

- Antique shops

- To ensure public collections (state, municipal or private museums in the heritage management

- Ensure permanent exhibitions

- Temporary exhibitions

- Auctions period

Insurance protection

In case of risk and insurance events all risks property insurance event the insured of property during and risk-taking location (s) is accidentally period specified in the insurance contract - in addition to the contractor and the insured will of unforeseen reasons, by chance, unexpectedly because of external influences - directly caused physical damage for which the insurance obligation for damages have not ruled out.

In case all risks cargo insurance of property of the insured event

a.) as defined in the insurance contract - machining, cleaning, repair, installation and restoration;- framing, or slot bracket with exceptions and liners; - Temporary exhibitions;- reproductions, creating prints;- Auctions, art auctions for the purpose of conducting movement, return transportation (including take-off, landing and transshipment as well), assembly and disassembly, and the need for intermediate storage and transport, as well as

b) the temporary exhibitions, auctions and art auctions scene of an accident and bounds during the exhibition of the insured property - in addition to the contractor and the insured will of unforeseen reasons, coincidentally, due to unexpected external influences - of any direct physical damage for which the insurance He does not rule out the obligation for compensation.

• Art equipment to ensure,

• pre-care coverage,

surcharge - - risk-taking in some of the areas of insurance amounts for individual caring for a fixed amount proportionate to the percentage of the insurance contract - but when it comes to providing up to 20 percent - increased to take into account;

• vandalism risk.

Works of art property insurance

The insurance cover extends to

• burglary,

• theft,

• robbery incidents.

Property insurance

Insurance cover against fire and elemental damage, damage from other hazards (All Risks excess risk), burglary and robbery damages covered.

Insurance is provided in the event of property

accidentally - unforeseen reasons, coincidentally, due to unexpected external influences - of any direct physical damage such as to necessitate ensure proper use of the property damaged property repair, restoration, or where the parties will be required on this property replacement, and for which the insurer He does not rule out the obligation for compensation

Additional insurance surcharge:

· breaking glass damage

· damage caused by vandalism,

· Damages in road transport,

· decontamination damage,

· minor repairs and renovations to ensure,

· providing tangible new value

· robbery.

Who can be the policyholder?

Any business or other organization (eg. an individual entrepreneur, Ltd., Co, PLC. foundations, associations).

Felelősség biztosítások

What assets can be insured?

The organization's assets (buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, current assets, such as supplies, materials, goods, etc.). Liability insurance

Policy holder: Those companies who registered in Hungary.

Insured: The executive officers and members of the Supervisory Board (Chairman) and the policyholder of the round, when the executive officers and supervisory board members of this power for damages caused to third parties under Hungarian law, a company responsible for the material; the company is considered to be provided in respect of securities needs

Insurance event: The harmed restitution for damages suffered as a result of insured damage and unlawful conduct.

Insurance companies, who we are recommend a course of mediation:

• Allianz

• Generali

• Aegon


A special team to deal with these products, who are professionally prepared to compile the best deal.

Our customers say about us

„Pension funds information was so thorough comprehensive that is why I offer our relations too.”
My pension funds owner customer.

“I like to work with you because you are honestly tell the truth.”
Customer of call center services

„Homecall solve all things which is need, I do not have to make the administrations.”
Condominium common representative

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