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Outbound call center services

Typical areas

• Telesales,

o which can be done voice contract,

o or telephone appointment, followed by a personal meeting.

• cross selling and upselling activities for existing customers

• market researches and panels

• Welcome call after new business,

• claim management by phone.

Telesales success criteria

Good sales technics

The telephone sales techniques other than personal counseling in some aspects. There is no time to apply certain techniques, but the objection treatment, and reduce not even listen ratio is an important factor for success. Our company's internal training sessions in place for these two selling points of emphasis. My trainer used to review the weekly managers to increasingly improve in these areas.

Product choice is very important

Many times we have already proved that it can be a complex product can be given over the phone or online website support if it is appropriate. (Pension funds) Our company is in a strong and unique that experienced colleagues using telephone sales also able to sell more complex products over the telephone in addition to online support. Homecall Plus web developer can develop a microsite which supports call center campaign. Of course, the high-volume products we recommend to sell by phone, which is simply communicated.

Good process

A good telephone sales campaign has another key, the process convenient for the client. Our LEAN experts who is responsible for the business process can help to build up good process.

Campaign able database

Another important criterion for the success of the campaign in database. In many cases, a problem that there is no such database, which is opt-in, so it can be searched for marketing purposes, member, or a contact method does not meet the 2011 CXII. Law of informational self-determination and the right of freedom of information and the requirements of the relevant EU standards. Our company has a strategic partnership with business processes and data service provider in the campaign suited to the information law. The campaign is targeted at sex, age, area can be filtered. In addition, it is important that the number of contacts and the database is constantly controlled. Do not call a lot and we have to define no campaign periods for the member.

How to finance the telephone sales campaigns?

Telesales good advantage to be well planned and represents a serious volume. Our company will be able to guarantee a continuous, high-quality volume of sales, if the incentive scheme called the first period based on an hourly basis and then convert into 60% fixed commission rate of 40%, or mixed allowance. There is a way to pay after the principal productive hours after the phase-based, which means that after paying contacts and after the commission of the sold product. (The contact means that the phone said the manager of that company's offer.)

Please, those clients who only want to pay for the product sold for a call center campaign commission, taking into account the requirements of our company. The Homecall Plus PLC cannot be held solely commission-based call center campaigns.

Of course, our company places great emphasis on the fact that to sponsor or operate a profitable campaign.For long-term cooperation business analyst prepare 3-5 year business plan for a client.

Cross selling and upselling call center campaign

Next best offer for cross selling

Making analysis must be developed chains of the product, which is typical for a client. In the insurance sector, a typical product chain can be made MTPL after motor hull. We can offer savings for house after selling household policy. This is the next best offer which we can tell the customer during outbound call center campaign personalized for the customer because we can see all data from the customer. This campaigns are very successful. The response rates are higher than 15%.

Upselling campaigns

We develop some features which is value for the customer, and is willing to pay more for it. This could give for example a liability insurance in addition to the minimum coverage level to duplicate with increasing fee or additional assistance service linking the existing contract or raising the retirement insurance or a monthly savings because a greater amount at maturity, the customer would like. We can reach minimum 40% response rate to make result with the call center campaign.

Credit and debt management by call center

What is the key factors?

We are successfully together with the customer, if the operator is well prepared and all information obtained and showed from the back-end system of the company. The operator is provide information not only the fact of failure, but it is also important to tell advantages of the product following the presentation of legal sanctions. Why is it important to pay your mortgage installment? Why should he or she pay for a household insurance? Why not buy back his or her life insurance during the term?

Market research and systematic measure of KPIs

It is a good solution to make short telephone survey on a quarterly basis to find out about our customers and our customers' satisfaction regarding our services. Compared to the online questionnaire by telephone to respond more controlled, no weary of clicking. The operator knows the precise and relevant information about the company. We have a proven survey methodology and research in the field of customer satisfaction.

Welcome call

Service sector is a widespread practice to call new customers by phone and greet at the company. In addition, it is a nice gesture and a good opportunity to investigate the circumstances of the new contract. So there is a way to test the sales representative, to clear up any misunderstandings and prevent fraud.

Dial settlement of claims, administration.

Our company can coordinate the claim settlement by phone for insurance companies and claim management companies. We have experience claims management by phone, we can help to solve the emergency period to handle calls to reduce wait times and the customer can be more satisfied with their insurance company.

Your company posting process could be crash down suddenly, the incoming call is increasing. We can manage this overflow.

Inbound call center services

Our customers say about us

„Pension funds information was so thorough comprehensive that is why I offer our relations too.”
My pension funds owner customer.

“I like to work with you because you are honestly tell the truth.”
Customer of call center services

„Homecall solve all things which is need, I do not have to make the administrations.”
Condominium common representative

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