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Inbound call center services

Main areas

• Customer service outsourcing

• Order processing

• Helpdesk

• Service to sales management

• Social media support

• Live chat support

Customer service outsourcing

Companies did not outsource the inbound call center activities because they think

• greater expertise in-house,

• individual business process work flow modules have been integrated into a call center application that cannot be outsourced,

• sensitive customer data are removed from the company.

The trend is in the world that fully outsource your customer service and outbound call center campaigns in the world. Today multilingual operators receive calls from all over the world. IBM, HP, Citibank, AIG has been outsourced call center operations around the world.

Why outsourcing is more advantages for the companies?

1. You can reduce fix cost if you outsource the call center and IT service units.

2. Outsourcing of human resources can be fit the load so if the load can be reduced Homecall can be removed the operator if the volume of the campaign can be increased Homecall reallocate the operators.

3. A bad post process can cause trouble and the income calls can be increased unexpectedly. The outsourcing of human resources is really difficult to manage the companies. We have to solve this problem.

4. SLA agreement with the outsourced company is a good opportunity to manage the KPI’s as call lost rate, reached calls etc. Internally it has no power because of that internal human resources cannot be "off limits" for the loss until the case of the third-party penalty can be applied.

5. Recruitment and selection services are expensive in-house, the Homecall Plus can manage these services too. If insufficient human resources, the exchange may be obtained, it is also a task of the Homecall Plus.

6. Instead of expensive fixed cost of generating call center application / Avaya, Cisco / we offer our customers SaaS solutions, such as call center applications are rented and pay for it as much as you used to.

7. Call fee more favorable to us than the market due to high volumes, so we present the service providers so favorable fee.

8. Less in-house IT assets and human resources should necessary for operation.

9. The operator personal costs are lower than in-house.

10. The individual business processes, solutions adapted to other campaigns. Not every business process must be developed from scratch.

11. LEAN methodology, business processes shortened to simplify. Our company LEAN consultant can help optimize the process of elaboration.We have serious experience of service to sales solutions, this competence cannot be built in-house. See Service to Sales details the call center phrases options.

Overall guaranteed 30% cost reduction can be achieved if the inbound call center outsourcing is / contact center customer service of any company environment.

Our answers the outsourcing opposites

1. Expertise may be formed in the same amount of time as in-house. In fact there is already experienced operator in Homecall Plus into within sectors for instance insurance business.

2. Integration of IT systems perform the strategic partner of Homecall Plus with a corporate environment experience.

3. The sensitive data, which is usually the customer data stay inside the company. (Private Cloud).

Outsourcing includes customer service

• Order processing

• helpdesk

• Live chat support,

• Social media support,

• cross sell and upsell during inbound call.

Order processing

24/5 order processing by phone. Homecall can receive the orders 24 hours a day. The operator can terminate online the orders for the company. Our operators can be trained by the customer about the relevant products so we can manage the inbound call as an experts..

>Manage the overflow calls

We can train a small team from the existing our operators who are able to receive the orders. If the company have too much for


Main advantages:

• blue and green number services,

• customized service IT development,

• all call will be recorded,

• to provide detailed report.


Typically, IT help desk services we provide, during which indicates the user through the problem by phone and the operator of the online system or rectify the problem, example: expired password change or a ticket was opened in error, it should then be resolved according to SLA agreements. Existing reporting of errors provider saw its online ticketing system, which provides the client. We can provide a unique reporting by our IT developers.

Service to sales services

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the field of cross-selling. Increase your business income and will be more loyal customer's company. Our employees know when to listen actively and consciously anxious client communication is all-encompassing potential can be converted into customers. Increase the number of cross-sales to existing orders, because each call is a potential buying products. Our training allows incoming calls to be made 10% of sales. This number can be increased up to 20% as well.

Main advantages:

• Further orders.

• Increase sales activity

• Long-term customer relationship building

Social media support

We undertake to release social media company to be moderated and controlled. Right treat any negative posts, the occasional group of moderates and directs toward the purchase of registrants.

Live chat function

Our company will coordinate a live chat communication for its clients. If you want your business website chat feature, we solve this service.

10 reasons why you should live chat feature to add to our clients.

1. Live chat feature in 2009 was still present in 30% of sites in 2013 this figure is 52%.

2. Using chat you(r) can reach high customer satisfaction. 73% of the customers like this feature.

3. High expectations from the customers regarding the availability. The first 30% of the visitors want to chat with someone before you get to know the details of the brand.

4. Increases the brand awareness. 19% of consumers in the chat function was identified as a primary communication channel.

5. Cost reduction factors. Live chat feature 25% cheaper than phone service.

6. Using chat can increase your sales conversion rate. 47% of online shoppers would like to consult with someone before finish the order.

7. Higher productivity can be achieved in the live chat feature. The service can be from 1 up to 10 simultaneous chat client, depending on the complexity.

8. Less baskets will be leaving when there is live chat connection with your purchase. 21% of customers susceptible to proactive chat requests and are happy if you help them.

9. Incoming calls peak times are reduced. Using live chat feature the 12% reduction the inbound calls.

10. The value of the order getting higher. When a company introduces a live chat function approx. 30% increase of the ordered products or services and the customer choose the more expensive products.

Outbound call center services

Our customers say about us

„Pension funds information was so thorough comprehensive that is why I offer our relations too.”
My pension funds owner customer.

“I like to work with you because you are honestly tell the truth.”
Customer of call center services

„Homecall solve all things which is need, I do not have to make the administrations.”
Condominium common representative

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