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Call center phrases

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After call work (ACW) Post production. After the call is answered in elapsed time, when the operator has engaged in activities closely related to the call, but there is no line.
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Automatic call distribution. Pre-configured telephone call routing system that automatically forwards incoming calls to the correct operator.
Average Handling Time (AHT) Average treatment time. The average talk time and average amount of time spent in post-production.
Average Talk Time (ATT) Average talk time. Average talk time in terms of call duration group selected on the basis of common properties.
Average waiting time, Average Speed of Answer (AWT) Average waiting time, average time for answering. Calling time in queue which is from the connection request of the operator to the operator logs on.
Call Blending Mixing calls, customer service optimization system that starts outgoing calls between two incoming calls or other advertising campaigns.
Computer Telephony Intergration (CTI) Computer Telephony Integration. Call center application is to fit PBX calls for effective treatments. This function is usually performed by a server. Collected data can be important for call analysis.
Customer Relationship Management CRM describes business processes of the company's customers and partners. CRM campaigns’ main goal is to acquire new customers and cross sell, increase the value of keeping customers. CRM tell that the companies should measure the result by customer evaluation value to increase profits by client's treatments.
Forecasting Forecast. Define future volume based on historical data.
Handled Calls Treated calls. Picked up and answered call by operators (some cases, are listed here answered by the IVR calls).
Historical Report Retrospective reports. The report was defined retroactive period. Needed a time –stamped database.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Interaktív válaszadó rendszer. A telefonkészülék nyomógombjaival, illetőleg hanggal vezérelhető menürendszer, mely alkalmas fastruktúrában a kérdések megválaszolására (pl.: számlázási információk) vagy továbbítására operátorhoz.
LEAN módszer Essence of the elimination of losses to reach the cost reduction. The "developed" world, we have seen that if cost-cutting was needed, they were made almost reduce the labor costs. However the productivity is reduced, and started a downward spiral of bankrupt. The LEAN methodology focuses that the company has to find the need to meet customer demands flexibility, adaptability is a winning cards in our hands. The continuous development of technology and products can be the key preventing the crisis. Another important example is the practice of the Lean method, if we visualize the production and logistics processes. We can detect the difference of the rules immediately and clearly. Steps standardize processes, thereby easily controllable and uniform will be developed in the workflow. The employees were used hidden reserves of spiritual development processes. Lean management have 5 principles: 1. We need to determine what activities are value-added and without the customer point of view. 2. Must identify all of the required product or service in terms of the production chain operations, value streams and to identify the casualties. 3. Continuity, interruptions, distractions, stop orders should be made to untie the value flow. 4. We have to produce what the customer needs, design "pull system". 5. We constantly have to reach the perfection to find and remove the losses.
Net pull That is the ratio of the final contracts with the members of projected progress. This ratio is less than the response rate.
Next best offer Analysis form the typical product recommendation for a given target group. Eg.: those who have home insurance, we offer a flat box-office contract. These offers are call center applications, the incoming operator should also be offered automatically when you search the customer during the service.
Occupancy Workload. It is a percentage value to measure the occupant of operator. Full-time check-in / treatment time.
Operator break The operator's leisure time.
Overflow (OF) Where the operator group is not able to answer calls, the system directs the call to another operator group. It is possible to call the direction of another call center agency as well.
Power Dialing Computer-controlled dial up module. Starting outgoing calls based on a predefined database. The outgoing call is initiated when the selected treatment available.
Predictive dialing In case of full occupancy, the system allocate the calls for free operators automatically based on the average call-handling time. The operator cannot wait for the ringing of the phone call has been picked up by the time the operator receives the call.
Preview Dialing The outgoing call information display screen of the operator, and the operator enables the dial.
Private cloude The private cloud means that the data used by the call center application for that company's internal IT department is under the direction of, behind your company's firewall. The creation of a private cloud was due to data protection for sensitive data to be solved. This solution, however, unable to fend off the risk of natural disasters, since the data is in the company of a local server is a geographic point.
Queue Callers can expect for free operators. This term not only applies to phone calls, but also each activity listed, awaiting disposal.
Real Time Data Real-time data that is constantly updated on the online site.
Response rate Response Rate, successful sales ratio. How many called and reached members of respondents accepted the offer. It is not mean that it has fulfilled its payment obligation only accepted the offer by telephone.
SaaS - Software as a Service It is an online on-demand service, which is priced in use, so you are charged for, they used the device to the user, in this case the call center application.
Screen Monitoring Screen contents are monitored. The content of the operator's monitor for review by the supervisor or coordinator application.
Screen pop-up Display previously saved data on the screen by the call phone number when the operator begins the call.
Script During the telemarketing activity can available the responses on the operator screen which are questions and answers. The interviewer directs the conversation on that basis, and get answers to questions.
Service Level (SL) A percentage indicator which shows whether the incoming calls could be answered within a specified period of time percentage.
Service to Sales The role of contact centers are increasingly expanding the world today. The obvious course online and telephone customer relationships to promote the company's operator receiving an incoming call. More and more company call center has become the central distribution channel. Of course, the personnel sales force can give complex offers based on the customer's needs, but with appropriate regulations and script the call center operator can give offer with complete a transaction process or to issue a lead for sales force.
Skill A particular characteristic of the group operators or to operator action or knowledge, talent.
SLA – Service Level Agreement Service level agreement. This is a point contained in a contract in which the client specifies that you cannot go below a certain level of service. If you go below the level of the agent, it can also be penalized by the sponsor in penalties. Ex: The call loss ratio must not fall than 97%.
Speech Recognition A device that can detect and depending on this process to start, or the call is forwarded to the pre-configured words.
Supervisor (SV) Operators are a specified group of individuals responsible for the work.
Talk time Talk time.
Telesales Outgoing calls to sale a specific product.
Wallboards Display traffic data and messages for the operators.

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