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Call center operators

Several years of insurance sales operators gained experience in dealing with colleagues. University and college students who create their work existence not only good opportunity to work somewhere. Expectant mothers and mothers who work at home and love the flexibility of this work.


Peter Molnar, CEO

Molnár Péter Gábor"If you know what you want to do following a good concept it has been around for at least five years should be just enough to overcome your own limitations and are able to greatly advance thinking and you are strong the attention to detail in developing to be successful. I try for this with my colleagues and our customers together."

His experience

Peter has fifteen years of CRM and Direct Marketing and insurance sector experience, he gained a market leading insurance undertaking Hungary. He was the head of direct sell department positions in five years.

The main projects so far

• Market research and data mining projects,

• Customer evaluation project,

• data cleaning project,

• create CRM reporting,

• create campaign management process

• success implements of call center and campaign management

• Structured, controlled organization operating for 100 people.

• Foundation of success Startup Company with Laszlo Kalasz.

Current tasks

• Development of Homecall strategy.

• Development of marketing concept.

• Create the corporate design elements.

• Call Center campaign acquisition of Hungarian and international market.

• Establish the integrated sales mix system of insurance.

• Development and coordination Insurance campaigns.

• Development of legal and financial regulations.

• Preparation the MNB financial reports.

Laszlo Kalasz, CEO

"The goal is to do everything so that my colleagues can act well and have a good atmosphere in the company. I can see exactly what the priorities are, in my opinion honestly to my colleagues is the way to achieve results as quickly as possible."

His experience and main projects

Laszlo earned nearly five years of experience delivering call center campaigns, and some seven years of experience in insurance sales activities.

• Successful management of call center campaigns in a market-leading insurance company (Motor hull, household, accidental death call center campaigns.)

• Call center management experience in the lead generation campaign.

• Foundation of success Startup Company and call center campaigns (Homecall Plus PLC)

Current tasks

• Implementation of call center campaigns,

• Operators, supervisors recruitment, training and management,

• coordinate EU tenders,

• coordinate the financial and labor processes,

• coordinate online and personal sales channel of insurance area.

Attila Kalász, IT developer

"I like reflection tasks. I have good ideas in case of a problem arising."

More than two years of experience in the field of call center operations and IT development.

Current main tasks:

• Custom and standard campaign report,

• data selection, data cleaning and data allocation.

• Creation of smaller individual developments,

• online web site and intranet operation,

• building IT environment, operation and organization of auditing.

Peter Balázs, responsible for finance and accounting leadership

"Financial view is one think I have to understand the company’s business goals and also take into account in my work."

Ten years of experience in accounting and labor areas.

Current main tasks

• Create controlling report,

• make the account tasks,

• make the labor tasks,

• create yearly financial report, result and balance,

• develop the financial processes.

Our customers say about us

„Pension funds information was so thorough comprehensive that is why I offer our relations too.”
My pension funds owner customer.

“I like to work with you because you are honestly tell the truth.”
Customer of call center services

„Homecall solve all things which is need, I do not have to make the administrations.”
Condominium common representative

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Consulting plus is an independent line of business which is focusing the small and medium enterprises, the bigger companies and the state. We can offer as an independent broker the further products of insurance are the property, liability, building assembly, condominium. We can manage loans and EU tenders to solve the financial needs of our customers.